About Us

Our family has over 20 years of experience in the meat, wholesale, and import/ export business. As such we can offer insights into these industries which are lacking from many of our competitors. We adhere to the highest levels of quality and customer services standard around. You are our most important customer.

We carry such items as:
Back Rib, Beef Blade Chunks, Beef Liver, Beef Oxtails, Beef Short Ribs, Beef Strip Loin, Chicken Cutlet, Chorizos, Fish, Shrimps, Goat, Pork, Turkey, and more.

We also carry a number of products for consumers of all tastes and cultures. Aside from the classic American and European products, we also carry Halal products (Islamic products which adhere to strict Islamic code), West Indian products (burnt cow feet, burnt goat feet, burnt scalps, and more.), and products from the Caribbean.